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KoG still refuses to give players, who have lost all their character data due to game-breaking glitches, their respected refunds& And fun, well, you can get that from broken characters, but it all dies out eventually& Dont become like me, or the rest of the Elsword gamers& You still have a path, a future where your money is spent on more meaningful things& A path where you dont have to slave yourself over pixels& But I am not one to force any path on you. Elsword is however not for the weak of heart it by far has the worst community ever made while LoL and WoW pose more threat to your personal safety with things like swatting. Ven Reply on June 24, 2015 Also,when you get any character to lv.35 you accept a usually difficult job quest (crimson avenger is the hardest job change quest ;-;) Liz Reply on July 19, 2013 Great game. Now Ive never done a play of a Luciel/Add all the way to the level my main is at (which at the moment is level 48) but every dungeon I have played with a Luciel/Add I havent even had a chance to get a hit in on the enemy before they are all dead. asd Reply on January 24, 2013 rly? your elsword is glitched or something, i dont have any issues with the textures lucasmilioni Reply on May 4, 2011 WHY?!?!? The ultimate epic games are never allowed for Brazil! Dude this make me want to break so much things as i can. whats wrong with auto match making it gives u an oppenent that is better or at ur skill in pvp, ITS ONLY FOR USA PARTS CAUSE ITS AN NORTH AMERICA SERVER. pkillerx Reply on January 3, 2016 :Pros: (+) high quality anime artwork intense action (as the character) creative abilities detailed special effects detailed costumes and other avatar accessories unique weapon designs 3 seperate story arcs per character (or, so you call, job paths) :Cons: (-) game boot up glitches cliche main story (Spoiler: Demons want to revive their demon god and take over El. Codeis Reply on March 26, 2016 (Warning Sign) Avoid Certain Company Puslisher 1.Nexon 2.Hi-Rez 3.Gameforge 4.Valve 5.Riot 7.Daybreak 8.Koggames 9.R2 Games 10.JC Planet (Stay Away from them Completely or you will get what coming to you) aRbz Reply on November 27, 2016 Wheres Aeria games?? Cazacala Reply on March 17, 2016 Pros: -Lots of Character Choices -Lots of Class Choices -Unique game play -Interesting characters -Cool weapons Cons: -Paying for certain items (*cough*Ice Burners*cough*) -Salty PVP players.


One of the major issues I find (and its highly annoying) is when youre playing PVE and youre in a dungeon with a Luciel or a Add, THEY ARE OVERPOWERED. RainCloudDay Reply on August 3, 2011 ANOTHER GAME CLOSED TO RUSSIA!!!! Vindictus closed Dragon nest closed PWE closed all games am tired of this& GravityI Reply on January 22, 2013 Same here in Brazil& lorinthio Reply on July 7, 2011 This game is more based off the older game, Grand Chase. Which is really annoying. The first three characters are the same anyways, but this has a better character develpoment system/talent tree that beats out Grand Chase. Demon-army-wants-to-rule-the-world; heroes-defends-the-world-and-stops-the-demons cliche. Many players claim that the Elsword community is cancerous or toxic but I want you all to take a step back and just look at this with reason for a moment. General Publisher Funizen Solutions Publisher web site Release Free download game elsword online April 02, 2014 Date Added August 13, 2014 Version 4. This game doesnt require you to do quests to get other characters like some game I know.

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